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New Section - News / Updates / Blog

Date: 2023-12-18Author: Christopher

I've added this section to post site updates, news, rumors, and anything else noteworthy.
The only update is that the website has moved to The previous URL ( will redirect to the main site, and all of the download links will still work as the mp4 and mp3 files are still hosted on the downloads subdomain.

In the next couple of months, I hope to implement some new features to the website:

• A statistics page for PL; not personalized stats but Derek / the band's touring stats

• An opt-in option to choose a username and see who has been to the same shows as you, only those who opt-in will have this feature so those who want to remain private can do so.

• Wiki-style page for each show, with an archive of photos, mirrors of old news articles, YouTube songs linked to the setlist, etc for every show ever

• Add song links to the setlists, with an option for either the live version or the studio version of the song

• Fix a minor code logic problem: if there were multiple shows in one day, they will be listed separate instead of combined. Right now the Caverns sunset set and the regular caverns set from that day are showing as combined.

• All shows from 2008 and beyond will be added to the stats setlists page, so if there is not a setlist, you can still select that you have attended, and the page will display separate statistics. IE instead of "Total Songs Heard: 332" an asterisk will be added, and the bottom of the section will say something like "*Only stats from 32 shows were counted; 12 shows are missing setlists"

• Make the page more mobile friendly, including fixing the pagination and page runoff from the samples sections.

• This day in PL History blurb. Just a small section that will say "PL played at this venue today in XXXX year" with a link to the aforementioned wiki-style page.

• Discord and Facebook oAuth sign-in methods. Users will be able to sign in using facebook or discord.

• Lastly, we need more setlists! I will be diligently researching shows and looking at videos to create setlists. I'll be working on the most recent shows first and working backwards in time.

I am hoping to get most of this finished by the time PL starts touring again.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!
- Christopher